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15 marzo, 2018
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Providence Island and the Seaflower marine protected area

Old Providence Island and the Seaflower (mpa): San Andrés and Old Providence Island form a small archipelago in the western Caribbean ocean that jurisdictionally

belongs to the Republic of Colombia. Initially colonized by English Puritans in the 1600s, the islands became a Spanish, and later a Colombian, possession

(DeShawn, 2000) .

The Seaflower Marine Protected Area (MPA) contains the largest, most productive open-ocean coral reefs in the Caribbean; provides rare, unique and unusual reef

environments; contains remote areas demonstrating high integrity and little anthropogenic influence; and displays a continuum of habitats that support significant

levels of marine biodiversity. With the presence of 192 Red-Listed species, it is an important site for the conservation of endangered and threatened species of global

concern. Featuring barrier reefs, reef lagoons, reef slopes, fore-reefs, deep coral plateaus, seamounts, deep coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass and algal beds, soft and

hard bottoms, beaches, and open ocean, the Seaflower MPA provides an exceptional example of marine habitat diversity, complexity, and inter-connectivity on a

regional basis (BENT l, 2012 ).

The islands are in the path of the Northeast Trade Winds, with mean monthly velocities of between 4 and 7 m/s and occasional storms with winds over 20 m/s in the

latter half of the year. Mean annual air temperature in the Seaflower MPA is 27°C with a 10°C seasonal range. Average relative humidity is over 80{91aa3731337b23a0946a43fc85bace4fe0daf376ffc9cd448ef8eab4b9a83c8a}. Average annual

rainfall is 1,900 mm with a dry season from January through May and a rainy season from June through December. (Bent l, 2012). Providence Island and the

Seaflower marine protected area are unique. A place to enjoy snorkeling and learn about conservation and coral reefs.

Citas:Bent Lincoln,2012 Seaflower Marine protected área. Archipielago of San Andrés, Old Providence & Santa Catalane. Colombia Caribbean. See QR codes todownload full paper DeShawn C, Sharika ,2001 “Under tjhe Colombian flag: Nation-Building on San Andrés and Providence Island 1886-1930. Ver bibliografía QR para consultar documento

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